There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for

scott_sonnon I recently watched Scott Sonnon’s powerful TED talk about his life and his story of life with dyslexia. You can watch it here It is compelling and strong. Although names and circumstances are specific to Scott’s journey, many things about Scott’s story resonate with us. I suspect many dyslexics will relate to him and that’s why spreading his voice and magnifying it is so important. He may be the champion–the warrior– that dyslexics have needed for quite some time.   And we can help turn up his megaphone. Scott is participating in the Men’s Health Magazine cover contest. He has promised to use the platform to bring more awareness about dyslexia. Scott doesn’t know the kids that he will help by doing this. They will never be able to thank him or help him in anyway, but he’s doing it anyway. He could use this platform to further his business or himself. After all, it’s a men’s health magazine and he runs a fitness business. But he’s choosing to help the 20% of kids who are not heard and frequently passed over as being ‘ learning disabled’. If you want to be a part of turning up Scott’s megaphone and helping those who don’t get a vote in Congress, who can’t demand better curriculum from school systems, and who may be feeling bad about themselves because nobody has told them that they just learn differently – not worse- than their peers, you can vote for Scott and give him the platform that he deserves and that these kids need. Voting ends July 28th!

Scott—Thank you for standing up for kids like my little guy. He deserves it and so do you! You are doing something great for those who can never repay you and we are forever grateful.

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.”    — John Bunyon





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