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About Family Field Trips

We are a family experiencing the world around us through one family field trip at a time. We believe that nothing beats a lived experience. Family field trips allow us to explore the world around us, learn something from others, and share our experiences. We love to share our stories, experiences, and tips for learning through travel. We hope you connect with us and join us on our journey!

Happy Birthday Tesla!

Today is Nicolai Tesla’s birthday. What a visual learner! Tesla was so visual that he could literally build, test, and experiment new machinery in his mind. By the time he was through with visually working in his mind, the machine … Continue reading

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There is some good in this world, and it’s worth fighting for

 I recently watched Scott Sonnon’s powerful TED talk about his life and his story of life with dyslexia. You can watch it here It is compelling and strong. Although names and circumstances are specific to Scott’s journey, many things about … Continue reading

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Gestalt Learning and Dyslexia

Perhaps I should have known that reading could be a problem when language was so inconsequential to my Great Little Pretender.  But I was optimistic.  After all, what about all those late talkers who were also Gestalt learners that read … Continue reading

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Tools of the Trade

I am always trying to come up with better methods for my visual learners to express the pictures in their heads.  This weekend we spent some time covering a wall with dry erase boards in my husband’s home office.  I … Continue reading

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Can I get a translator PLEASE?

Sometimes I think it is a wonder that our family understands each other at all.  This wonderful family of mine—and they really are wonderful— are speaking different languages.  I don’t mean languages such as Spanish or French–that would be so … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be a Gestalt learner?

What does it mean to be a gestalt learner? How is it different than ‘regular learning’? What makes it special? Continue reading

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