Tools of the Trade

I am always trying to come up with better methods for my visual learners to express the pictures in their heads.  This weekend we spent some time covering a wall with dry erase boards in my husband’s home office.  I thought he might actually cry when we finished with the project, he was so happy.  It provided him with 72 sq feet of wall space to draw mind maps and “systems maps” to work out his ideas graphically.  It helps when he has to write papers or proposals so that he can refer to the picture on the wall rather than the one in his head.  If it is in his head, he continues to perfect it rather than concentrate on what he is supposed to be writing about.  It’s just too much fun developing the picture!

72 sq feet of creative space

Additionally, he came up with an idea to cover an old desk with dry erase board material (melamine).  Now, as he is typing on his computer he can jot down a mind map kind of picture right on his desk.  He can refer back to it during conference calls or as he is writing an email.  It’s a great way to sort out the idea graphically. He is so excited to use his new tools.

My little great pretender is getting some new tools too.  He’s shown a real interest in reading.  He has us read the same book each night until he has memorized it.  Then he insists on reading it to us every night.  Except when he ‘reads’ the book, all the words run together like one big sentence.  So I thought he might enjoy books more (he usually hates typical ‘story time’) if he was the one doing the reading.  For this project, I’ve covered a stand-alone cardboard project board with felt (from the fabric dept at Walmart).  I have sight words with pictures that have a small piece of sandpaper glued to the back of the card.  As we work on a story, he can move the word around on the storyboard or pick it up to look at it closer.  It will allow him flexibility to handle the word and hopefully encourage an interest in words and reading.  We read “The Foot Book” today without a storyboard, and he was very pleased with himself to learn the word “foot”.  Dr. Seuss rocks.

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We are a family experiencing the world around us through one family field trip at a time. We believe that nothing beats a lived experience. Family field trips allow us to explore the world around us, learn something from others, and share our experiences. We love to share our stories, experiences, and tips for learning through travel. We hope you connect with us and join us on our journey!
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